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Along the years, the automotive industry has been under constant scrutiny from its customers, suppliers and relevant authorities and forced to reshape due to either global economic clogs or increasing regulatory requirements targeting fuel and safety related aspects, in particular. Also, the relentless innovation activity by the technologies that supply it complete the picture. The domestic market, with its traditional brands and the international giants expanding their businesses to seek increased productivity and cost-efficiency, witnessed the ups and downs of the sector, while securing a poll-position as an industry of significant importance to the Romanian economy.

Automotive industry related projects, from high profile corporate/M&A transactions to sensitive post-privatization aspects and from Greenfield and Brownfield investment projects to day-to-day tactical aspects, have defined our contribution to this industry sector. Our automotive team has developed a tailored knowledge of the sector and is well-versed in offering sound legal and tax advice required to respond to the demands of this industry.

Our lawyers provide comprehensive and commercially savvy solutions in all key areas impacting the automotive industry based on their understanding of the specific issues faced by this sector, particularly given the ample review in regulatory matters, the substantial progress of new technologies and constant strive for efficiency.

Our clients include:

  • international and domestic vehicle manufacturers
  • components, parts and spare parts producers and distributors
  • Romanian and international importers, dealers, car renting companies and lessors

Whether aligning domestic activity to worldwide business strategies, or adjusting their day-to-day initiatives to best respond to global trends in the field, our clients turn to us for advice on all aspects affecting the automotive industry, including:

  • regulatory compliance, including environmental law
  • product liability and safety
  • commercial and contract law
  • competition issues
  • disputes
  • finance
  • tax
  • employment
  • intellectual property