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Retail, Consumer Protection & Advertising

Understanding the significant impact a regulatory decision can have on your business, we are committed to promptly addressing your needs. We have a particularly unique approach in relation to retail and consumer protection aspects and our outstanding reputation of enabling clients to find the most suitable solution to their particular needs represents our credentials.

When your business is mainly about advertising for and selling goods or providing services to consumers, you must understand and comply with the consumer protection legislation. While Romania is bound to comply with EU legislation, the practice of Romanian authorities in this field may prove challenging at times.

Our primary role is to guide you through the often-complex legal requirements and interpret the locally specific conditions in a manner that is beneficial for your business. This understanding and adherence to these conditions are vital for a compliant and smooth operation in Romania.

Integration, a distinctive trail of our services

Our Consumer Protection practice is comprised of a team of experts who offer extensive advice on a wide range of matters specific to the field. Our team’s knowledge and experience provide clients with a decisive edge in navigating these complex issues connected to:

  • Comparative and misleading advertising
  • Product safety and product liability
  • Regulatory consumer protection advice

This is seamlessly and promptly complemented with intellectual property, data privacy or general corporate and commercial knowledge, considering the particularities of each specific engagement.

Our work focuses on:

  • advertising and promotions, both online and offline
  • business ‘health-checks’ for consumer law compliance
  • brand ambassador and influencer agreements
  • copy clearance
  • consumer cancellation rights
  • consumer rights re defective goods and services
  • dealing with both consumer complaints as well as competitors’ complaints
  • image rights agreements
  • pre- and post-contractual information requirements
  • sponsorship matters
  • standard terms and conditions and other consumer contracts
  • unfair contract terms and contractual enforceability
  • unfair and misleading commercial practices

Practicality and consistency across the table

Staying informed and up-to-date regarding the latest interpretations, best practices, and upcoming legislative challenges potentially impacting the retail and consumer protection field is a core aspect of our business approach. We are active contributors to and frequent participants in meetings with trade associations and relevant public authorities to ensure that we are always in the know. 

We also understand the importance of maintaining compliance with industry regulations. That is why we prioritize maintaining a regular presence in front of self-regulatory bodies, such as the Romanian Advertising Council. This ensures that we stay up-to-date with any changes to their regulations and guide our clients to comply fully with their standards. Our approach ensures that our clients operate in an ethical, compliant, and effective way at all times.

Who turns to us?

Local businesses, enthusiastic entrepreneurs or large regional and international corporations turn to us for reliability in the legal assistance they receive. We are called to assist businesses active in a diverse range of industries, with a strong focus on retail and FMCG, including regulated products such as cosmetics and food supplements. We also cater to media and entertainment, technology, gaming, automotive, tobacco, life sciences, or luxury brads and fashion.