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Dispute Resolution

Conflict of all origins is a constant threat to businesses and can arise from any direction and at all times. In addition, regulation and enforcement are on the rise, with sharp triggers that might impact a business’ operation. Ensuring problem-solving representation is critical. Our sharp and diligent commercial judgment enables our litigators to get to the heart of business-related disputes.

We have the resources and expertise to understand commercial pressures and industry specificities and quickly assess facts and their potential impact. We invest time and effort in acting as our clients’ business partners, not just their lawyers, and thanks to our sharp commercial judgment, we get to the heart of business-related disputes. With this approach we help clients genuinely:

  • manage potential risks and implementing the most effective solutions that reduce costs and are aligned with the business objectives on our clients’ agenda.
  • provide the most relevant support to mitigate legal liability and potential exposure to financial and reputational risks. 

Our work focuses on:

  • Commercial disputes, either in connection with commercial agreements or torts
  • General administrative disputes, including annulment and suspension claims or preliminary complaints against administrative deeds
  • Complaints before competent authorities, self-regulation bodies or courts for unfair practices, misleading or comparative advertising, discrimination or product liability
  • Intellectual Property disputes including with respect to copyright and neighboring rights, trademarks and designs, trade dress, image rights or border measures
  • Alternative dispute resolution regarding domain names
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Patent litigation

Integration, a distinctive trail of our services

When disputes arise, regardless of their nature, the desired course of action is obtaining the best possible outcome. To achieve this for our clients, we analyze, synthesize, and deliver tailored legal strategies to secure and confidently safeguard clients’ interests inside and outside the courtroom.

We work in close cooperation with our colleagues from across the areas of practice of reference for BACIU PARTNERS, to ensure coherency of our approach that saves time and brings immediate results.

Practicality and consistency across the table

We engage with our clients as early on as possible to help them navigate the legal and regulatory framework and obtain optimum results, when a dispute or regulatory intervention is unavoidable. And when amicable settlement is no longer possible, we take our expertise in front of the court and put it to practice for your benefit.

Who turns to us?

Our credentials are as diverse as our industry expertise is: we commonly assist companies active in retail, FMCG, fashion, luxury brands, technology, and gambling industries. In addition, we have built substantial expertise in representing less common sectors, including sports, art and culture, independent professionals (academic professors), and other professional services. We also have an evolving practice that supports not-for-profit organizations or professional associations.