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NEXT.io Valletta 2024: Let’s share perspectives.

May 2024

Andrei Cosma joined the impressive cohort that attended one of industry’s top operator events, NEXT.io that took place in Valletta, Malta.

By design, the event represents a platform for some of the most intricate discussions on the future of iGaming. This year’s edition reconfirmed its positioning as one of the top events in the industry, revealing a landscape characterized by innovation and discourse, facilitating knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

Topics of utmost importance on the industry’s agenda, such as Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, intellectual property breaches within the media and gaming sectors, and emerging trends in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) wove a rich tapestry of insights. Each discussion unveiled the intricacies of the regulatory landscape characterizing this industry.

Takeaways that Andrei has provided as a basis to emphasize the importance of understanding an industry’s core strings for unlocking the future of iGaming include:

  • The discourse surrounding ESG underscored the imperative for businesses to embrace sustainability and social responsibility as core tenets of their operations. With environmental consciousness on the rise and stakeholders demanding accountability, the imperative to integrate ESG considerations into business strategies has never been clearer.
  • The discussions on intellectual property breaches within the media and gaming were equally compelling. As digital landscapes develop and content creation evolves, safeguarding intellectual assets becomes vital. Proactive measures exist to mitigate risks and protect valuable IP assets in an increasingly interconnected world, and this should be subject to immediate decisions.
  • Strategic imperatives should count on mergers and acquisitions, identifying synergies, and managing cultural integration.

A panoramic view that enhances the transformative power of knowledge!

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