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Unlocking the future: BACIU PARTNERS acts as Executive Partner of ELSA Bucharest

June 2024

Our commitment to empowering the next generation of legal professionals is further strengthened by our strong partnership with ELSA Bucharest. This collaboration provides a platform where students gain a competitive edge in a friendly, safe, and knowledge-driven setting.

Our collaboration with ELSA Bucharest it’s about creating a dynamic movement that excites and empowers students. At the heart of this movement is a shared vision that unites us all in our dedication to unlock the future for law students, for us, for the society at large.

We aim to create an environment where students are not just encouraged, but also empowered to explore, learn, and find their voice, and amplifying it by the unique sound of BACIU PARTNERS, the sound of knowledge.

Thank you, ELSA Bucharest for this opportunity!

BACIU PARTNERS is an Executive Partner of ELSA Bucharest for the academic year 2024-2025.

Key contacts for our initiatives dedicated to law students are Ileana Nicolescu, Raluca Comănescu and Anca Ștefănescu Toma. Please get in touch to discuss opportunities.

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