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Unlocking the Future: Internship 2024

July 2024

We are always excited to find different ways to (en)power the future of the community we are a part of. Including by playfully “summer(ying) up” our internship program dedicated to law students.

To do so and pave the professional way for the aspiring legal professionals that will join us during the following months, we recently came together in an informal atmosphere that amplified interactions.

We believe in making the sound of knowledge heard and in promoting the profession’s development by genuinely supporting the next generation of legal professionals. Our latest gathering was an excellent opportunity to prepare the ground for building relationships to help their growth and success. It was filled with meaningful talks, carefully selected treats, and memories meant to boost our spirits.

Through engaging activities and meaningful interactions, we aim to provide our (future) interns with insights into the dynamic world of law and the supportive environment they can expect at our firm. We are dedicated to nurturing their talents, mentoring them along their career paths, and ensuring they gain invaluable experience during their time with us. This outing marked the start of what we hope will be a meaningful journey for our interns as we work together to shape the legal profession’s future.

Key contacts for our initiatives dedicated to law students are Ileana NicolescuRaluca Comănescu and Anca Ștefănescu Toma. Please get in touch to discuss opportunities.

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